Sustainable Elegance


On my journey to Greenstyle Munich I am accompanied by the fine ballerinas of Alina Schürfeld. “Have they arrived? – Do they suit you?””Yes, absolutely perfect! I’m speechless and sooooo in love.” Already from far away it is obvious to whom the unmistakeable designs refers to: Elegantly applied gold plating, fine salmon-and calf leather and the choice of colors for each individual model can only be described as brilliant.

“The arrangement and the manufacturing process are strictly value oriented

Regular seams, high-quality brand embossing, the shoes are carefully handmade in Italy and Spain.The leather is vegetable, either chrome-free or tanned with rhubarb.An aesthetic combination of timeless design and responsible production and using environmentally friendly material turn the collection into contemporary designer pieces.In addition to the summer ballerinas and smart sandals, you have a beautiful selection of ankle boots for colder seasons.I have to congratulate Alina for finding her personal signature style with a clean, recognizable value, as we know it from well-known designers: the Chanel quilt bag, the Burberry Check, or the Schürfeld silhouette.

Keep it up!

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