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Clear, cool design. Chemical free. Attention to detail. This is what the special pieces of Kiss My World stand for.Most of the paper goods are produced in their own factory or like the calendar which was made traditionally by a bookbinder in Hamburg.Instead of using paper which is only made from wood, they are using the fast growing material, grass, as the base for the paper. That’s what makes these pieces a modern classic.The first call with the designer, Aline, felt like a conversation with an old friend who updates you with a lot of enthusiasm about her newest ideas and optimized results.

“If you can’t work on the greenfield, bring the grass to your desk.”

Calendars, notebooks, or document folders are a small choice of the collection which is made from fine grass paper and natural paper.

For a clean and fair production, the Kiss MY World team always questions the material which was used, the composition and the process of manufacture.From the selection of the papers to the print color on a plant oil base, everything is compostable.

In my opinion the Kiss My World products are the perfect choice to become the winner of the “Green-Product-Award 2019” that combines traditional handcrafting, modern environmental technology and a high taste of design.

Where does the grass come from, how is the process to produce paper and what does it mean to our environment?Visit and discover the history of grass paper.  

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