Nordgreen – Functional & sustainable thinking

Scandinavian, minimalist design and with the valuable core of Danish roots, the renowned Copenhagen designer Jakob Wagner developed the feminine and masculine Nordgreen watch collection with his philosophy. Anyone who knows the former chief designer of Bang & Olufsen will appreciate his high-quality signature style. A good design must be relevant and make sense, and above all give meaning to its owner – simple, timeless, functional.

“Wagner’s background in mechanical engineering grounds his designs in the user experience, so that in everything he creates, he carefully considers not just the look of the object, but how its user will want to interact with and create a connection to it.“

“Nord“ stands for the Nordic roots and “Green“ for it’s commitment to sustainability. With their Nordgreen brand, the founders, two sandpit friends, Pascar and Vasilij, focus particularly on working closely with three global NGOs to support social projects in the areas of environment, education and health.

With a small glance at the certificate with a personal authentication and serial number on the back, we decide with each watch which project we want to support:

  • “Water for Good“ – Access to clean water for a person in the Central African Republic.
  • “Cool Earth“ – Conservation of 50sqm of rainforest in Latin America (per clock)
  • “Pratham UK“ – Free education and support for a child in India.

“We believe that access to a health system, a clean environment and education is a fundamental human right for everyone.“ – Pas & Vas

With the highest priorities in production and use of the highest-quality materials guarantee the company, based in Copenhagen, fair and social working conditions for all employees.

With a an easy system, the bracelets can be changed within seconds and give the watches a new look. Whether a mesh or leather strap, the simple implementation can be transferred to all three watch models Native, Philosopher and Infinity.

The watches are stored in a high-quality box made from recycled cardboard and felt. The packaging is 100% recyclable and it is easy to understand that design and sustainability can easily work together.

Still, I‘m pretty sure this piece of jewelry won‘t stay in this box for long.

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My watch:

Native Rosegold with white dial, 36mm, bracelet rosegold Mesh + bracelet white

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