Greenstyle Munich 2nd Edition


A few stops by subway and we reach the new location of the 2nd edition of Greenstyle Munich. All the way from the traffic light we recognize the well-known large white “G” in front of the Isarforum of Deutsches Museum (German Museum) in Munich. At the entrance, the friendly team of Epi Food invites us for a snack: “delicious, simple and new” is their slogan and I am already looking forward to enjoy my breaks there over the weekend.
An inviting welcome from Mirjam Smend gives you a hint that there is an exciting program in store for us. More than 40 fair fashion & organic beauty brands presenting varied collections!

National and international speakers such as Dr. Kirsten Brodde of Greenpeace, Show Director of Neonyt Thimo Schwensfeier, Juliane Kahl, CEO of the Responsive Fashion Institute and many more to enrich the visitors with sustainable topics such as “What you always wanted to know about throw away (disposable) fashion” or “Solution statements to microplastic in water.”

“Don’t miss this! Munich is fair!”

Before the start of the Fashion Revolution Week, the sustainable event was a great opportunity to join the shooting in front of the Isarforum and be a part of the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign.

I am glad that a special focus on up- and recycling was clearly highlighted at this season of Greenstyle Munich. Because “Circular-Fashion” is one of the most important topics for me when it comes to sustainable fashion. With a fine touch of color combination, the brand from Vienna Tassel Tales presents their up-cycling collection of vintage carpets and second-hand jeans jackets which makes each piece an elegant individual item. 

“I think I forgot to mention my name again”

Mirjam realizes, who leads through the whole event and you can see everywhere. 

The amount of sustainable topics has grown in the 2nd edition, the community as well. And it’s continuing to grow! The 3rd edition of Greenstyle Munich is from 11 – 13 October 2019. Those who are already curious can visit the website and take a part in the motivating conferences.

I’m looking forward to it!
Have a lovely green day!


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Impressions of Greenstyle Munich

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