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Lai-Chun – (chinese: inspiration-progress)

My signature style is clear and minimalistic. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, though, as I love having beautiful, well-crafted, exquisitely designed things around me – and above all many, many books. I like losing track of time during exciting conversations that inspire me and lead me on unexpected adventures. My journeys begin in the fields of the countryside, in small alleys in big cities, in workshops and little restaurants – the kind you only discover when you get lost among them.

My roots are in Hong Kong, I was born in the Netherlands and have lived in Germany since I was one. ‘Lai’ means inspiration and ‘Chun’ means progress. When pronounced and written in Chinese, my name is feminine and masculine at the same time. 

Since 2009, I have been helping traditional family businesses develop high-quality collections and build their brand identity. I am particularly fascinated by the personal stories behind them, the history that is passed down from generation to generation. My traditional training has enabled me to follow the developments of high-quality fashion and to appreciate it sustainably. From my passion for Hermann Hesse and shirts made of fine two-ply thread to my enthusiasm for classic men’s fashion and old libraries, my online magazine takes you on a journey through the offline discoveries that inspire me: high-quality, sustainable design, enriching literature, and inspiring places for slow adventures.

Sandra Lai-Chun

Photo: Thea Sneve Lovsted
Styling: Nina Woolfe
Ethical Fashion Campaign: www.mochni.com